My lender has obtained judgment. Can CIO consider my complaint?


You may make a complaint with CIO if your lender has obtained judgment. However, we can only assist you in limited circumstances.

If a court has entered judgment against you, you are no longer entitled to apply for a financial hardship variation such as a request for a payment arrangement.

We may still be able to assist you in negotiating your proposed payment arrangement with your lender. However, we would be unable to assist you further if your lender disagrees to your payment proposal.

In these circumstances, we may only be able to assist you in negotiating:

  • time to sell, where the sale would discharge the loan in full without a shortfall; or
  • time to apply to court to set aside the judgment.

We may only ask a lender to stay a judgment or eviction in very limited circumstances. We strongly recommend you urgently obtain legal or financial counselling advice.

For further information about our approach to complaints after judgment has been entered, read our Position Statement 3.