What do I do if I’m in financial hardship?


You should contact your lender as soon as possible, especially if:

  • you are unable to meet your loan payments
  • you are finding it difficult to meet your loan payments
  • your financial situation will be changing and you may be unable to meet your loan payments at that time
  • you have received a default notice from your lender.

You should try to make such payments as you are reasonably able to. Please be aware that interest, fees and charges continue to accrue on your loan.

If you are unsure what to do, we strongly recommend that you seek legal or financial counselling advice as soon as possible. Some legal centres may provide you with free legal advice, and financial counsellors provide their services free of charge.

The earlier you approach your lender, the more options they will be able to provide you with. If you are not happy with your lender’s response, you may wish to make a complaint with us.

Further information about our approach to financial hardship complaints can be found in our Position Statement 2 and Position Statement 3