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This section provides additional information for both consumers and financial services providers in terms of the CIO complaint process, information about how to make a complaint, conciliation conferences, financial hardship, and how to become a participant of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman scheme.

About Complaints | Consumer Brochure

We offer consumers and small businesses a free and impartial complaint resolution service to investigate and resolve complaints against financial services providers.

How can we help you?
More than 20,000 financial services providers participate in our scheme including mortgage brokers, non-bank lenders, credit unions, mutual banks, financial planners, debt purchasers, small amount lenders, motor vehicle financiers, and many others. 

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Guide | Conciliation Conferences

During the complaint process, CIO provides a Conciliation Conference, whereby the complainant and the financial services provider have the opportunity to share information, discuss issues raised in the complaint, and attempt to settle the dispute with the facilitation of an independent conciliator.

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Guide | Financial Hardship

CIO understands that financial hardship can be caused by such factors as increases in interest rates, significant life changes, workplace injury, unemployment and serious illness. 

Consumers finding it difficult to meet repayments, or those who have received a default notice from their lender, should contact their lender as soon as possible to discuss the situation. 

Should consumers be unable to resolve an issue with their financial services provider, CIO provides a fair and independent service to assist in reaching resolutions between financial services providers and consumers. 

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