Feedback About CIO

Compliments, complaints and suggestions

Your feedback is important to us because it helps us to improve the dispute resolution service we provide.

How to provide feedback


Complete the form on our Contact Us page.


Send an email to

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Send your letter to:

Chief Executive Officer
Credit and Investments Ombudsman
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Sydney South NSW 1234


Call us on 1800 138 422.
  • Ask for your call to be forwarded to the staff member’s manager if your feedback is about a particular staff member or case.
  • Ask for your call to be forwarded to the Risk and Compliance department if:

    • your feedback is not about a particular staff member or case,
    • your feedback is about a manager, or
    • you prefer not to speak to the staff member’s manager.

What we do with compliments and suggestions

Your compliment or suggestion will be forwarded to the manager of the relevant department.  
If you have indicated that you would like us to respond, we will respond within 7 working days.

What we do with complaints about CIO

We will endeavour to investigate and respond to your complaint within 7 working days.  If we are not able to do so, we will write to you within this time to let you know:
  • we have received your complaint, and
  • the details of the person dealing with your complaint.
We generally respond to complaints within 30 calendar days.  If we cannot respond to you within this timeframe, we will let you know before the end of this period, and provide you with regular updates.