Consumer engagement

Our goal is to provide a free, fair and impartial dispute resolution scheme to all consumers regardless of their educational, financial or cultural backgrounds. We have developed a consumer engagement strategy to ensure that consumers know about us and that they can access our services easily.


For our outreach program, we:

  • host stalls at numerous community events throughout the year,
  • supply events and community service providers with information materials,

  • sponsor and present at financial counsellors’ conferences,
  • visit remote communities, often in conjunction with other agencies, and
  • offer face-to-face workshops or teleconference seminars for financial counsellors and other consumer advocates


  • If required we will organise TTY, Speak and Listen, or interpreting services
  • We provide translated materials (for example, our complaint form is available in 22 languages)
  • Our website will soon feature materials for consumers with a disability
  • Materials for Indigenous consumers will be published soon

Community Liaison Committee

We established a Consumer Liaison Committee (CLC) with key consumer advocates across Australia to exchange ideas for our outreach program and to discuss issues consumers are most concerned about.

We meet the CLC throughout the year to raise and discuss issues, obtain feedback and develop our consumer engagement strategy further.

CLC members represent the: