The Credit and Investments Ombudsman seeks to resolve each individual case through the four stage complaint process - Validation, Initial Review, Investigation and Determination. This section provides detailed case study examples and actual determinations dealt with by CIO. Click on the individual case links for additional information about specific case study examples and determinations.

  • Case StudiesFor detailed explanations of general cases dealt with by CIO, please refer to the case study examples within this section, which detail particular scenario complaints provided to CIO, and the relevant laws and rules administered by the Ombudsman to determine his ruling, whether in favour of the complainant or financial services provider. 
  • DecisionsWe publish our decisions to provide guidance to financial services providers and consumers as to how we approach particular issues and reach decisions. It should not be cited or relied on as a precedent as we consider each complaint on its own merits.
  • About Ombudsman DeterminationsWhere the complaint is not able to be resolved by non-adjudicative means, the Ombudsman can make a Determination which is binding on the financial services provider (FSP) but only if the consumer accepts the Determination in full and final settlement of the complaint. The Determination includes the Ombudsman’s reasons for making the Determination and is published on CIO’s website.
  • DeterminationsYou can download de-identified Determinations from our archive.
  • Systemic issues and serious misconduct