Key issues: Mortgage | Third party conduct | Not a member of CIO

Summary of the complaint

We were unable to investigate the consumer’s complaint, as her complaint concerned the conduct of a third party, not the FSP, and the third party was not a member of our service.
Summary of Determination

  1. This Determination affirms the position set out in our Review dated 1 September 2016 (the Review). I do not propose to restate that analysis but instead adopt it for the purposes of this Determination. A copy of the Review is attached.
  2. The Review concluded that the complaint involved conduct of a third party and so was not a matter we were able to deal with.
  3. I have reviewed all available material relating to this matter, and for the reasons set out in the Review I find that this complaint is not a matter that we are able to deal with.

Follow this link for a full copy in PDF  >> Determination | 11 November 2016