Key issues: Mortgage | Notice of change in mortgage manager | Delayed settlement of refinance | Mortgage broker

Summary of the complaint

We found that the consumer’s claims had not been established. This is because the information showed that: 

  1. the consumer was aware of the change to her mortgage manager, and
  2. the delay in settlement was due to the FSP’s requirement for the certificate of title of the security property to be amended, due to an inaccuracy. 


Summary of Determination

I find that the consumer’s claims that:

    • she did not receive notice of the change in her mortgage manager that occurred in 2008 and as a result suffered financial loss, and
    • the FSP has delayed in settlement of her requested refinance

have not been established.

This Determination affirms the position set out in our Review dated 13 December 2016 (the Review). I do not propose to restate that analysis but instead adopt it for the purposes of this Determination. A copy of the Review is attached.

Follow this link for a full copy in PDF   >> Determination | 28 March 2017