Determination - 5 December 2014 (3)

Key issues: Credit Motor vehicle lease | Unjust contract | Affordability | Inadequate explanation of terms
Summary of Determination

  1. I find that the consumer’s complaint against the FSP has been made out; in particular, the lease that the consumer entered into with the FSP is an unjust contract.
  2. To resolve this complaint, I order the FSP to:
    1.  release  the  consumer  from  any  and  all  liability  arising  from  or  in connection to the lease; and
    2. pay compensation of $17,420 to the consumer;
    3. remove any encumbrance it has over the motor vehicle (the vehicle) and allow the consumer to retain the vehicle; and
    4. refrain from making (and remove any existing) adverse entries on the consumer’s credit file in relation to the lease.
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