Complaint Resolution

The Credit Ombudsman Service offers consumers and financial services providers an accessible, independent and fair dispute resolution service.

We offer an impartial dispute resolution service as an alternative to legal proceedings for resolving complaints with a participating financial services provider.

For more information about our process and lodging a complaint please see below links.

  • Making a Complaint
  • Complaints CIO coversWe may be able to help you if you believe that a financial services providers has breached a law or Code of Practice - read on...
  • Search Financial Services ProvidersYou can search our participant database for financial services providers and to find detailed information about who to contact if you have a problem or complaint.
  • Complaint ProcessThe are a number of stages in the process of complaint handling.
  • Financial HardshipIf you’re finding it difficult to meet your repayments or if you have received a default notice from your lender, you should contact your lender as soon as possible to discuss your situation. You should also seek advice from a financial counsellor or a community legal centre.
  • Financial Hardship ProcessThe are a number of stages in the process of financial hardship complaint handling. Below briefly outlines what may happen at each stage of the CIO complaint process.
  • Documents NeededTo help us deal with your complaint, you can provide us with:
  • Third PartiesSometimes we are asked to deal with a person other than the person who wishes to make a complaint. This may be because the person is elderly, unavailable or is unwell. In other circumstances, a person may feel more comfortable having someone else deal with the complaint for them, such as a family member, legal representative or financial counsellor.
  • Helpful InformationCIO has developed an extensive list of other organisations that may also be able to assist you with your complaint.
  • Complaint FAQsFrequently asked questions by consumers
  • Financial Hardship FAQsFor answers to frequently asked questions it may be helpful to read our Financial Hardship FAQs, which provide further information on how to handle your complaint.
  • Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplesView this page for information about making a complaint, case studies, and helpful links for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.