As a licensee CIO Member, you will receive one free complaint each year which entitles you to a refund of any service fees you pay us for a complaint made about you or one of your representatives in that year. CIO's free complaint program entitles an Australian Credit Licensee and an Australian Financial Services Licensee to recoup service fees that they have paid CIO in relation to a complaint made about them. The program is only available for one complaint each membership year.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The Complaint Rebate can be used if it meets the following criteria:

    1. the financial services provider (FSP) is an Australian Credit Licensee or an Australian Financial Services Licensee, and
    2. the complaint is about the FSP, the FSP’s Credit Representative or the FSP’s Authorised Representative, and
    3. all fees (including the service fee for which the rebate is intended to be used, as well as membership, renewal and any additional fee) have been paid by their respective due dates, and
    4. CIO has closed the complaint.
  2. The rebate can only be used once in a membership year. A membership year is the 12 month period starting from the date of the FSP’s membership or renewal date (please refer to your membership certificate). The relevant membership year is the membership year in which the complaint was closed.
  3. The rebate is only valid for one complaint and cannot be used to obtain a refund of service fees for any other complaint.
  4. The rebate cannot be used to obtain a refund of service fees if:

    1. a Determination, Award or Order has been made by the Ombudsman in relation to the complaint, or
    2. the complaint was closed in a previous membership year.
  5. The rebate will expire immediately and without notice on:

    1. the refund of the service fees, or
    2. the FSP’s non-payment of a membership fee, renewal fee, service fee or any additional fee by the due date, or
    3. the FSP’s membership not being renewed by the due date, or
    4. the date of the FSP’s notice of its intention to resign, or
    5. the date the Ombudsman makes an Award or Order, or
    6. the date of cancellation or suspension of the FSP’s membership or the date on which the FSP is expelled.
  6. The rebate is not transferable or cumulative.
  7. The rebate does not apply to:

    1. Determinations, Awards or Orders made by the Ombudsmana gainst a FSP, and/or
    2. the cost of expert advice obtained by CIO, and/or
    3. the cost of third party conciliation, and/or
    4. Systemic issue and serious misconduct fees.

Refer to the ‘CIO Fee Schedule’ for more information regarding service fees.

Using the Rebate

  1. Once the complaint has been closed, email and state:

    1. your membership number, and
    2. the complaint number to which the rebate is to be applied.
  2. Once CIO receives the request, the service fee/s will be refunded or waived within 14 working days.