Rules & Guidelines

The CIO Rules

Every participant of the CIO scheme is bound by and must comply with CIO's Rules. 

The Rules set out:

  • who can make a complaint to the Credit and Investments Ombudsman
  • what a complaint can be about
  • what complaints are not covered by the Credit and Investments Ombudsman
  • what the procedures are for making and resolving a complaint
  • The 10th Edition Rules came into effect on 15 August 2016 and apply to complaints received on or after that date.


Earlier CIO Rule Editions

Complaints received before 15 August 2016 may be subject to earlier editions of the CIO Rules.

CIO 9th Edition Rules | CIO 8th Edition Rules | CIO 7th Edition Rules 

CIO 6th Edition Rules | CIO 5th Edition Rules | CIO 4th Edition Rules 

CIO 3rd Edition Rules CIO 2nd Edition Rules | CIO 1st Edition Rules


Guidelines to the CIO Rules

The Guidelines to the CIO Rules are intended to explain in greater detail some aspects of CIO’s Rules.

In particular, the Guidelines explain:

  • how CIO’s Rules apply to a complaint
  • the policies CIO takes into account when exercising its discretions under the Rules.

The Guidelines should be read in combination with the CIO Rules. If there is an inconsistency between the Guidelines and the Rules, the Rules override the Guidelines.

5th Edition Guidelines to the CIO Rules 4th Edition Guidelines to the CIO Rules 

3rd Edition Guidelines to the CIO Rules | 2nd Edition Guidelines to the CIO Rules