Annual Report on Operations 2008

2007-2008 Highlights

⇒ with 2,075 new members, COSL’s membership now stands at almost 8,500, up 8% from previous year - see page 18 
⇒ COSL’s membership comprises 68% of entire membership of finance sector external dispute resolution schemes in Australia - see page 23
⇒ 894 new complaints were received - up 264% from previous year - see page 24
⇒ COSL takes the lead on financial hardship and mortgage stress issues, releasing its new Guideline on Financial Hardship aimed at giving struggling borrowers a fair go - see page 9
⇒ COSL’s new case management and membership system, which facilitates complaint tracking, reporting and the identification of systemic issues, has already resulted in significant productivity gains since it went ‘live’ in January 2008 - see Page 7
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