Default Listings on Individuals' Credit Information Files

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of credit infringements
  3. Overdue payments
  4. Serious credit infringement
  5. Obligations of the credit reporting agency
  6. Obligations of credit provider
  7. Credit files and credit reports must be accurate
  8. Alteration of credit files and credit reports
  9. Our approach to complaints about default listings and serious credit infringements
  10. Where a credit provider cannot provide us with information requested
  11. What we can do if a default has been listed incorrectly
  12. Commercial listings

Follow this link for a full copy in PDF >>  PS4 | Default Listing on Individuals' Credit Information Files 

This position statement relates to pre-12 March 2014 default listing obligations only.

We will be preparing an update for post-12 March 2014 default listing obligations.