Will we ask you for your bank statements?


We will generally not ask you to provide us with bank statements in order to verify your income and expenses.

We may, however, ask you to complete a financial hardship questionnaire, which is essentially a statement of your financial position (SOFP).

We will only ask you for bank statements if they are relevant in the particular circumstances.

We consider that:

  • it will not generally be necessary for us to ask you for your bank statements if you or your financial counsellor provide us with a letter from Centrelink confirming your Centrelink income, as well as a completed SOFP to show us your expenses.
  • usually we will only query the information contained in the SOFP if we think it may be inaccurate (for example, if it seems unusual, incorrect or extraordinary).
  • if your SOFP has been completed by a financial counsellor, we will assume that it has been accurately completed.