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The Credit and Investments Ombudsman releases a range of publications containing information about our scheme, our approach to complaint handling, comments on consultations, a collection of reports, releases and stakeholder updates.
Please see below for a full list of publications currently available.

Position Statements

Our Position Statements provide financial services providers and consumers with guidance as to how we approach particular issues.

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15 November 2016
Annual Report on Operations

The Annual Report on Operations is an important document which provides stakeholders with detailed information about how complaints are handled by the organisation.

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Our Submissions offer financial services providers and consumers information about how we approach a particular issue.

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Annual Reports

The Credit and Investments Ombudsman releases an Annual Report on its business for each financial year. The report is presented together with the years' audited financial accounts at the CIO Annual General Meeting (AGM), held within three months of the end of the financial year. All participants of the CIO scheme and stakeholders are invited to attend the CIO AGM each year.

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Independent Review

Every three to five years, CIO commissions an external reviewer to undertake an independent review, which is outlined in CIO’s Constitution and required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) RG-139 (approval and oversight of external dispute resolution schemes).

The review covers:

  • whether CIO meets ASIC’s policies and requirements for External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Schemes
  • satisfaction levels of consumers and members with CIO operations
  • effectiveness, fairness, accessibility and independence
  • public awareness
  • any other issues identified in consultation between the Board and ASIC.
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Guides and Brochures

This section provides additional information for both consumers and financial services providers in terms of the CIO complaint process, information about how to make a complaint, conciliation conferences, financial hardship, and how to become a participant of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman scheme.

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